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The MCAT® exam can be very overwhelming for many pre-med students. Without proper guidance, you can quickly become discouraged by the sheer volume of topics you will need to learn and waste your valuable study time focusing on the wrong details that are unlikely to be tested

Knowing the correct strategy for each section is also the key to improving your MCAT® score. Even students who have learned each topic thoroughly often have mediocre scores if they don’t know the right approach to deal with the passage-based structure of this rigorous exam.

So if you are planning to take the MCAT®, you will need the very best one-on-one MCAT preparation available to achieve the highest score you are capable of. Contact Dr. Donnelly Today

Dr. Donnelly can show you how to improve your MCAT® score significantly. Private lessons with Dr. Donnelly are available via Zoom or in person here in San Diego at our Sorrento Valley-based office.

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MCAT Tutoring

5 star review

"Dr. Donnelly is simply the best in his field. I came to him just three weeks before my exam in desperate need of a strategy to improve my CARS score. In just three lessons, I jumped 30 percentiles in my practice exams on that section and ultimately scored in the 95th percentile on the MCAT. Dr. Donnelly is professional, kind, patient, and so willing to do everything he can to support his students in succeeding on the MCAT. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of strategizing their test preparation!"

Jenny. F., Miami, FL - (online student).

Best Private MCAT Tutor in San Diego

5 star review

"Dr. Donnelly is a great tutor and genuinely cares about you doing well in your MCAT. Thanks to Stuart, I was able to understand the concepts of general chemistry much faster than I would have on my own. He made learning easy and stress-free. His strategy for dealing with the CARS section was also REALLY effective! I shot up by 7 points in that section alone and ended up with a 516 overall"

Peter H. Del Mar Heights, San Diego CA.

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Our Unique Approach

Personalized Lessons to Greatly Improve Your MCAT Score

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In-Person MCAT Tutoring

If you live or work in San Diego, why not take advantage of in-person MCAT® lessons with Dr. Donnelly at his office in Sorrento Valley? Our comfortable office is fully equipped with all the teaching materials required to provide an ideal learning environment.

Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Donnelly today and learn how his unique MCAT® approach and teaching style can help you significantly improve your scores. Learn more.

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Online MCAT Tutoring

If you don't happen to live or work in the San Diego area - no problem. Due to popular demand, Dr. Donnelly offers one-on-one online MCAT® via Zoom. Private online tutoring is an effective and convenient test prep option since no time is wasted getting to and from each lesson, and you can even record the class to play back later. So no matter where you live, the best MCAT® tutoring option available is just a mouse click away. Learn more.

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FREE MCAT Consultation

Dr. Donnelly would happily schedule a complimentary MCAT® consultation at your earliest convenience. This initial consultation will take about 30 minutes and help him determine the correct number of hours of tutoring you will need to reach your target score. You will also have a chance to see Stuart's tutoring skills in action, giving you a better understanding of his unique tutoring style and teaching methodology. Learn more.

Customized MCAT Lessons

Dr. Donnelly's tutoring methodology focuses on quality over quantity. After the initial complimentary assessment, each lesson becomes increasingly individualized to adapt to your particular MCAT prep needs. Any weaknesses are quickly addressed before focusing on essential test-taking skills that will significantly increase your chance of getting accepted into the medical school of your choice. Learn more.

Unique Approach to the MCAT

Knowing the right approach to each section of the MCAT® is the key to significantly improving your score. Over the years, Dr. Donnelly has developed several unique techniques that help his students to deal with the passage-based structure of the MCAT and master each of the background topics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, CARS, Psychology, and Sociology. These proprietary methods are easy to learn and teach students the correct strategy to deal with even the most difficult questions appearing on the MCAT®. Learn more.

Greatly Improved MCAT Scores

Over the years, Dr. Donnelly has helped hundreds of students improve their MCAT scores and achieve their goal of getting accepted into a top-tier medical school program. Read Reviews